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Some visual stimulation for the nation.


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Coming To America

Coming to America
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— yeah i want to work in videos but really i want to be my own star in the videos because i want to become a pop singer and a rock singer and i wanna write my own songs, produce my own songs and then i’m gonna try to become an actress because people tell me how talented i am, that i’m a natural and stuff… so then i’m gonna write my own stories, direct my own stories and, you know, produce the movies i’m doing…

Coming to America
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Coming To America

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Clown in the Dumps couch gag by Don Hertzfeldt

Greatest couch gag ever.

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For whatever reason, when you combine meticulously arranged items and photography, you get some really compelling images.

Photographer Emily Blincoe has become a master of the art. On her site, Emily documents neatly organized items ranging from colorful foods to different types of fireworks.

Fascinating Images of Neatly Arranged Items

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Spot the Stupid Sexy Flanders! Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!


The Simpsons' 25 years Comic-Con Poster | EW

I’ll take one in a frame please.

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No better time than…..

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